+ Are your bracelets made from real leather?

Yes, and it's sourced from South America and then we use the leather to make our products in our shop out of Tennessee.


+ Can I keep the free bracelet for myself?

This is a judge-free zone. I want you to pass along encouragement to someone else however sometimes the person needing the most encouragement is ourselves. I get it. I've been there. What you do with the free bracelet is up to you and the Lord. ;)


+ Why do you give a free bracelet with every bracelet purchase?

Short answer: because our mission is to encourage as many folks as we can. Read more about it HERE.


+ Can I choose the saying on the free bracelet?

This is the most commonly asked question. We already have the free bracelets packaged up and ready to roll so we aren't able to allow customers to choose a specific saying/quote/scripture. I fully believe you are given the exact bracelet you need in order to encourage someone else. Plus, it's a fun surprise to see which one you'll end up with. ;)


+ How is the free bracelet packaged? 

We package it exactly like the bracelet you purchase and we add a little printed card that is encouraging.


+ What size/color is the free bracelet?

We gift you the standard size in the classic tan color with black typewriter font lettering.


+ Do you ship internationally?

Not yet. We do plan to offer this in the future.


+ Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, view our bulk pricing discount codes HERE. Please note that our free bracelet promotion is not eligible with bulk orders.


+ What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policys HERE.