Holiday Shipping Information

Shipping is something we take super serious here at Kingfolk Co so I wanted to take the time to give you as much information as possible about shipping.

We ship our orders via USPS to get the best rates on shipping so that we can keep our product cost low. During the holiday season (especially now post-Covid) USPS gets backed up and tracking details aren't as clear as they should be.

With that being said, here is what you need to know. We aren't given any additional information about your package - we have the EXACT same information that you are given on your tracking number. Orders will occasionally get delayed and tracking doesn't update properly.

We have learned over the past several months that some packages won't get scanned at every hub between your location and mine. Also, another VERY common thing is for a package to show 'delivered' to your home and it not actually arrive for a day or 2 later.

If your package hasn't been updated in 2 weeks/14 days (this means 2 weeks out from the last time your package showed movement on your tracking) contact us at: and we will file a claim with USPS and ship out a replacement to you. We cannot give refunds based off shipping delays.

We are doing everything we can to make sure your packages arrive in time. We ask that you be patient and respectful while dealing with shipping issues.